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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

I have to give South Korea credit. It has subnational flags. (Suck it China – such a big nation, and only that one red and yellow flag to make fun of. What a waste.) In general, though, South Korea’s flags are super lame. Judging by the stark white, teal, pink and blue color palate, this flag is so totally from the ’80s. There must have been a flag designing contest right before the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988 (the ones when people freaked out when Greg Louganis got AIDS blood in the pool, the East German women cleaned up in swimming and Ben Johnson embarassed Canada yet again with his steriods disqualification) so South Korea could show its pride.

The symbolism is pretty perplexing. I think the pink ball and blue shape represent Seoul’s favorite passtime: Jai Alai! (There is a large Basque immigrant population in the Apkujong neighborhood.) The teal blob represents a deformed hand. The Koreans are very inclusive and accommodating to their disabled countrymen.


Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Well, there’s no doubt which town this flag is for. The TOWN OF FORT SMITH. Interesting arrangement of bison… One big bison with two little bison flanked by pairs of pine trees right below it. So they have bison there. And more bison. And more bison. Visit their tourism web site, and you’ll see that the major selling point is…wait for it…bison. In fact if you dig down a little into the site, you’ll find a whole page devoted to bison. I guess it all makes sense, as Wood Buffalo Park is home to the world’s largest herd of free-roaming bison. Although, if they’re free-roaming, I guess there’s really no guarantee they’ll be in Wood Buffalo Park – so I’d call ahead before you make the drive up there.

The rest of the flag is a little bit of a head scratcher. The river I get. But I’m not sure why it runs through a set of disembodied bird wings and into a downward pointing arrow leading to the word “PERSEVERANCE” written in a weird Medievally font.

Mont-Laureir, Quebec

Another lame flag from Canada. I actually like Canada, and can see its mapley goodness from my hotel room in Detroit right now. Canandians, I have to admit I’ve cracked a few jokes at your expense today. When viewing the pinned map that represents hometowns of visitors to the MoTown studios, there were conspicuosly few Canadian pins depite your proximity. I had to attribute that to your modesty. You didn’t want to bother the museum staff to find and place a new pin just for you. And just so you know, either would I. My hometown wasn’t pinned either, but I actually blushed at the thought of asking someone to pin it for me.

Alright, Canadians – now that we have some rapport, I feel like I can poke a little more fun at one of your flags. Well, it’s a Quebecois flag, so I’m not even sure many of the English speaking Canadians would take any umbrage at all, but better safe than sorry (which is the Canadian national motto, I’ve heard.)

But first is first: the “Mont” in Mont-Laurier refers to a peak that is 244 meters above sea level. Seems more like a “colline” to me.

This flag is absolute tripe. It’s the laziest effort at a flag I’ve seen from either Canadians or Canadiens. So lazy, that the artist didn’t even bother picking up his or her calligraphy pen between the M (for Mont, presumably) and L (for Laureir, ostensibly.) A black mark on a white flag has the potential to make a bold statement, but this flag reeks of lack of effort. Back to the drawing board!

St. Thomas, Ontario

St. Thomas, Ontario
I’m probably going to get some guff for this one, because Canadians seem to be oddly defensive about their flags. Supplying construcitve criticism about their beloved maple leaf gets about as far as suggesting limits on gun show sales in Texas. Anyway, the flag of St. Thomas, Ontario, is a bad one and it deserves some analysis. First of all, the lime green shade is…different. And not really in a good way. In fact what appears to be a wagon wheel may in fact be a slice of lime. Three highly stylized maple leaves look more like fig leaves to me, so you have to wonder what’s the Canadian government is covering up in St. Thomas. And I’m not sure, but I think that’s a primitive switchblade in the upper righthand corner. Either a switchblade or two boards nailed together shoddily.


Saint-Eustache, Quebec
So apparently Saint-Eustache has a pretty serious mutant problem.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta
This flag was actually developed when the Chicago Cubs were planning to move to San Antonio, Texas. Either that or it was created for a club in which the members bonded over crushing cowboy hats in vices.


Flag of Saskatchewan
Let me start out by saying the flag of Saskatchewan would be way more popular if it featured a Sasquatch rampant instead of a flower. Second, it’s a very long flag: a 3:1 ratio, but all the stuff could be fit in a traditional 2:1 ratio rectangle. But maybe the point was to demonstrate the vastness of the prairie. Third, I don’t think any flag should attempt to demonstrate any specific sub-species on its flag. The flower in question is a prairie lily (Lilium philadelphicum.) But I no more know what that looks like in real life as I do a Sasquatch. Also, the animal in the crest should actually live in the land the flag represents. Sticking with the prairie theme, I recommend a prairie dog. They’re way more approachable than a lion. The sad thing about this flag is that it was the winner among more than 4,000 entries in a 1960s flag designing contest.