Greene County, Virginia

Yes, another Greene County, another bad flag. If I had to pick, though, I”d say this one is about three times as bad as Greene County, Ohio. I get the green part. It’s the County of Greene – see what they did there?  The rest of the flag is a bit of a puzzle. Spotswood? Golden Horseshoe? 1717 and 1838? The only thing I can think of is that county officials designed this flag on the back of a cocktail napkin after a long night of slugging bourbon at the Blue Ridge Cafe in Ruckersville. The county board of supervisors were particularly wasted, and could barely open their eyes, let alone form words when they started mumbling partially hallucinated random numbers and words. How else could you come up with “Spotswood,” and “Golden Horseshoe,” (and not even make the horseshoe on the flag gold?) Thank God the county’s graphic designer left off the suggestion of “Mouse Tits,” from at-large Administrator Carl Schmitt. Too embarassed to admit their overindulgence the next day, the board of supervisors unanimously voted to approve the flag.


4 responses to “Greene County, Virginia

  1. On the upside, it can be used as a hazard warning sign in a pinch. That colour would be visible from the moon.

  2. I’ve done a lot of genealogy around that area in Virginia, (my ancestors immigrated to there) and I think I know of some of the origins of this flag. The date 1716 sort of makes sense, and I’ve definetly seen the golden horseshoe (it was some kind of award for making a big donation, but I don’t know the full meaning.) But it’s still a terrible flag, especially with the neon green, double dates, all the text, and the white background. I can usually tilt the screen and faintly see the outline, but this flag is round as far as I know.

  3. This flag can be explained with literally two seconds worth of googling.

    Governor Spotswood sponsored a survey of western Virginia in 1716. He gave the participants golden horseshoes.

  4. in addition to john: The date 1838 is when it separated from orange county, and it is not a flag, it’s a seal. There’s this great thing called research they just found, you should check it out.

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