Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

I have to give South Korea credit. It has subnational flags. (Suck it China – such a big nation, and only that one red and yellow flag to make fun of. What a waste.) In general, though, South Korea’s flags are super lame. Judging by the stark white, teal, pink and blue color palate, this flag is so totally from the ’80s. There must have been a flag designing contest right before the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988 (the ones when people freaked out when Greg Louganis got AIDS blood in the pool, the East German women cleaned up in swimming and Ben Johnson embarassed Canada yet again with his steriods disqualification) so South Korea could show its pride.

The symbolism is pretty perplexing. I think the pink ball and blue shape represent Seoul’s favorite passtime: Jai Alai! (There is a large Basque immigrant population in the Apkujong neighborhood.) The teal blob represents a deformed hand. The Koreans are very inclusive and accommodating to their disabled countrymen.


3 responses to “Seoul, South Korea

  1. Seoul’s flag has English language text? Why would they do this?

    • As you can see, the Korean text (Seo Ul Teuk Byeol Si, Seoul Special City) can’t fill up the whole circle and they needed an alphabet that takes up more space. Although they could have come up with a motto or something – but that would be too much work.

  2. US troops spend too much time eating kimchi in the DMZ, should be the new motto.

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