Bullitt County, Kentucky

Bullit Co. Kentucky

Let’s just say it: the crossed muskets front and center really make me think the name of this county is Bullet, but the flag designer misspelled it because he or she is from Kentucky.  It’s not very nice of me to revert to a yokel stereotype, but I’m sure 90% of readers would agree. First impressions are a bitch.

Once we get past that, the symbolism is kinda janky. The white background represents salt, which was an important natural resource in Bullitt County 200 years ago. The green in the text represents the fertile land and prolific game from 200 years ago. The muskets represent the fact that 200 years ago, people shot other people a bunch to get their land. The 20 stars refer to Bullitt being the 20th county in Kentucky (in 1796, naturally.)


2 responses to “Bullitt County, Kentucky

  1. If someone from there wants the BS version I will make it.

  2. There is no misspelling. The county was named after a man by the name of Bullitt. So perhaps you should do your homework first before you label thousands of people as “yokels.” Besides, is there something wrong about being a country person?

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