Bani Suwayf, Egypt


The only symbols I can verifiably identify here are the zigzaggy river and the arched bridge. After that, it gets pretty fuzzy.

I think the orange and yellow blob is the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu. Which was a total let down, by the way – the slaves got half way up, had to change course a little, and then had to start over from scratch. (Twice actaully, as Sneferu’s Red Pyramid was also a bust.) It’s a good thing he ruled for 29 years, or his mummy might have been stowed away in this subpar architectural blunder. But Egyptian engineering really picked up steam quickly, due to Sneferu’s building spree. His son Khufu commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, which makes Sneferu’s Bent Pyramid look super lame in comparison.

After that, it gets really tricky. There are three tower-like objects. Two are ethereal, not anchored to the ground, and are spewing some sort of pollution. Maybe one of these is the Olympic torch?  The other, I think is the world’s largest croquembouche, with a pink entrance, that you can climb up into to view the Bent Pyramid. I can’t triangulate my sources on this one, though.


2 responses to “Bani Suwayf, Egypt

  1. That is not an Olympic torch, it is a soft serve ice cream cone. Clearly the wind is blowing, which may be the reason for the pyramid bending.

  2. thnak god for a minnute i thought there was a flag with Mr. Henke on it.

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