Shafir, Israel

Shafir, Israel

Shafir, Israel

You know you’re allowed to use more than one color on your flag, right, Shafir? I mean, I understand that you’re a very conservative place, full of those guys with long, curly sideburns and old-timey hats, who like to settle in the desert and kick out the Arabs, but maybe some shading could help?

I’m guessing those tablet-looking things are the 10 Commandments. That font they used at the bottom, though, is kinda weird. What does upsidedown L – apostrophe – D – W spell? I bet it’s some DaVinci Code kind of message. Like maybe the gold is buried beneath the 10 Commandments tablets.


6 responses to “Shafir, Israel

  1. That’s Hebrew writing. I could guess it reads, “Shafir”. *yawn*

  2. I figured that…but my way is more fun.

  3. Just a passer-by

    No it’s not…
    You’re comments are just painfully stupid. No problems with complaining about stuff but without background information (like the green color in saudi arabia’s flag) it’s just embarrassing.

  4. I’m still eagerly waiting for the day that you do Mozambique’s flag… that should be fun!

  5. The top writing says ‘Regional Council’ and the bottom does indeed say ‘Shaffir’.

    Actually, This logo is NOT all blue and white… you can see the actual colors on the Shaffir Regional Council website at


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