Loulé, Portugal

Loule, Portugal

Loule, Portugal

It’s not just that this flag is pinkish-purple. Well, that’s a big part of it. What really weirds me out are the two floating heads. The bearded king and the Arab fellow with a resplendent yellow keffiyeh. Just floating there above the castle like spectres. It might symbolize that both Christians and Muslims watch your every move when you live in Loulé.  Or perhaps it’s because Loulé, Portugal is the beheading capital of Europe, and that they are equal opportunity beheaders. Also, why is a a tree growing out of tallest turret of the castle? For scale, the crazy heads are the same size as the tree. Is it a bonsai? Are they giant heads? And why is the center castle capped by another arched castle? Mysterious as the two disembodied heads.


3 responses to “Loulé, Portugal

  1. They are an intercultural gay couple proudly showing their new home: a beautiful neo-gothic cottage with a garden on its terrace.

  2. The arched castle is called a mural crown. In much of continental Europe, a crown styled as a castle is the normal crest for a city’s coat of arms. In some countries, the size and style of the mural crown is regulated by law, according to the size and status of the city. And that holds even if the shield itself also displays a castle.

  3. wait, I think we missing something here – let your eyes go out of focus while staring at the flag – the whole center icon is the head of some kind of robot-knight. The floating heads are each eyes, the top castle is the crown, and the lower castle is the mouth in a roar of fury. And the necklace of course. Is this my imagination?

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