Timişoara, Romania (Historic)

Timisoara, Romania

Timişoara, Romania - Historic

Timişoara, formerly known as Temesvár when it was a part of pre-Trianon Hungary, had one of the laziest, most unoriginal flags in Europe. Take a look at the obvious inspiration:




Because the Dannebrog is the  oldest continually used national flag in the world (documented from the 1300s,) it’s pretty certain that the Timişoarese were the copy cats. Aside from shifting the vertical line to the center, it’s a total carbon copy. Maybe there was a  super sweet smørrebrød restaurant along the baroque streets of the Józsefváros district that sparked an outbreak of Dane-Mania.


2 responses to “Timişoara, Romania (Historic)

  1. I guess you need to study history.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s actually based on the War Flag of the Holy Roman Empire, which was the same.

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