Rizal, Philippines

Rizal, Philippines

Rizal, Philippines

 There’s not too much info that I can find on this, and the image isn’t quite big enough to figure out what everything is, but I think I can say that yes, this is a badflag.  I can identify the central image is of Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, who aside from being the Philippines national hero, the namesake of Rizal Province and the bearer of the longest name I’ve ever seen, apparently had a CRAZY hairline and a severely odd shaped cranium. However, looking at photos of Rizal, this seems to just be a poor rendering of the fellow.

The rest of the scenes are kind of hard to figure out. In the top left – I think there is a guy holding up a sword and a bow. But that bow also looks like two fish kissing. Next is a couple of houses by a lake. I think there’s a filled-in valley between them. In the bottom right, a mermaid is smelling a flower (I think.) The final scene is the most perplexing. A person wearing an apron and a chef’s hat is having a rigorous debate with two yellow fire hydrants.

Or something. Clarity, brevity and better quality portraiture would help salvage this sinking ship of  a flag.


2 responses to “Rizal, Philippines

  1. Wow, we finally get a shoutout!! As a Filipino, I am most honored. José Rizal may have been a badass renaissance man in his lifetime, but that didn’t help this flag from sinking into your blog

    This flag is just the tip of the iceberg; almost every provincial/municipal flag follows that design. And if you’d notice, the escutcheon’s outline is the same as the Filipino national seal’s (like almost every government agency here). Apparently, the word “originality” doesn’t exist in our dictionary.

  2. If this wasn’t inspired by an American flag, you can slap me in the face.

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