Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

I believe this flag represents loggorhea. Oh wait – no. It’s Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. But it sure is chatty!

Avoyelles Parish is located in east-central Louisiana, right near the border with Mississippi. It’s named for the Avoyel Indian tribe, and was settled by French immigrants in the late 1700s. Not to be confused with the Cajuns (who came to southern Louisiana from Nova Scotia, the Francophone settlers of Avoyelles were Creole, but the culture there is quite similar to the Cajun culture found further south. So there you go, a story told in far more words than it was worth.

Aside from being the most verbiose flag I have yet encountered, the symbolism on this flag is atrocious. The map of the parish is unnecessary. With just the text, one can be quite sure this flag represents Avoyelles Parish. Plus, the shape of Avoyelles Parish is a little too similar to the Quebecois portion of the Canadian Shield. The other imagery is not spectacular. Three geese, two of which look like they’re too plump to fly horizontally. Everywhere has geese. I can see five geese right now. A cypress tree – makes me think of scary swamps where gators attack fanboats. And a plow. Oh – I think it symbolizes agriculture. At first glance, I thought it was a jet ski – which would have been much better. Also, the color pallete (a classic red, white and blue) is muddled by that unappealing Dijon shade.

Ignoring the 54 words of text around the edges, the large words in the middle are redundant. Translated, it means, “Avoyelles Parish – Welcome to Avoyelles.” Maybe that’s their slogan. Original. I do have to say, though that some of the towns of Avoyelles have names you don’t hear every day. I like Egg Bend, Cocoville, Rexmere and Bunkie; but Fifth Ward doesn’t do anything for me.

Avoyelles needs a copy editor to fix this flag. I’ll allow them a word count of five. Eliminate that map, and revamp the symbols.


5 responses to “Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

  1. Unnecessary quotation marks. *sigh*

  2. Avoyelles sounds more like AYATOLLAH to me.

  3. actually, translated it says “let’s go to avoyelles”, welcome would be more like “bienvenue aux avoyelles”. i am also pained by the quotation marks, though. perhaps it is a famous quote? or maybe it’s facetious. let’s not go actually.

  4. I’m sorry, but why do so many American flags have the name of the places they represent on them?

    • Because Americans make flags for EVERYTHING, there are bound to be a lot of terrible ones. At least it’s not like China – 1.3 billion people and only ONE flag to make fun of.

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