Bloomfield, Kentucky

Bloomfield, Kentucky

Bloomfield, Kentucky


Tobacco on the flag, huh? That’s the way it’s going to be? In a town that has a tobacco spitting festival, that’s probably par for the course. Those are very nice drawings of tobacco leaves, by the way. If you’re a six year old. The script font is really quite nice. It looks especially good in CAPS LOCK. Also, I’m really glad that U.S.A. is specified. When I first saw it, I almost thought this flag was for Bloomfield, Kentucky, Portugal.

This flag was designed by an Eagle Scout. Seriously. I thought they were supposed to do good things for their community. I guess Eagle Scout Alex Martin III (who “designed” this atrocity) earned his merit badge in ugly. (Oh, yeah – I called him out, mostly because I think he halfass bullshited his community.) In 1998. The year that the tobacco companies made an unprecedented settlement with the states, handing over billions of dollars and finally officially admitting that tobacco is not healthy. Keep it classy, Bloomfield. And maybe revoke that tobacco loving kid’s Eagle Scout standing. At least roll this flag up and light it on fire.


5 responses to “Bloomfield, Kentucky

  1. MS Paint tobacco leaves.

  2. If you look at the three tobacco leaves from a certain distance, they look like a dinosaur’s pawprint. This could be an alternative meaning.

  3. I have a New Year’s Resolution: let’s find ways to make bad flags good.
    Suggestions for this one? Would a pot leaf help, or hurt?
    The “U.S.A.” part seems a little like the signature on a painting. Not my favourite artist.

  4. @ Piet – an interesting thought. I think a pot leaf would definitely not help, and not just because I’m a major square. I think something less related to substance abuse would be great. Perhaps there’s something in Bloomfield’s history that would make a better central emblem. Let’s see… Blooomfield was once known as Gandertown because gander pulling was a common sport in the area. If you don’t know what that is, it involves in making wagers about who could decapitate a male goose. Not good flag fodder. Here’s something with potential: film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a 110 acre ranch in Bloomfield. Maybe the flag should reflect a scene from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or Pirates of the Caribbean.


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