Flag of Iowa

Flag of Iowa

OK, Iowa. I’ll try not to be too hard on you, in case I ever need to run for President. But I’ve got a three big problems with your flag. First, the design is taken from the French Tricolor, in deference to Iowa’s being a part of the Louisiana Purchase from France. Um, Louisiana doesn’t even care about that anymore; is this just an attempt at sexying up Des Moines? Second, your main emblem is a bald eagle. Though bald eagles are present in small numbers in Iowa, it’s hardly their ideal habitat. See, bald eagles like stands of old growth forests, and …oh wait… no, they don’t care for  millions of acres of monoculture corn farms. Thrid, who is this supernatural eagle that can carry such a long ribbon and keep all the right words in order and facing forward? That’s a long motto, Iowa – maybe to make up for your four-letter name?  Normally, I’d hate that the word “Iowa” was written on the flag, but if it weren’t, I honestly would have no idea where this flag came from. Some sort of French libertarian community?


One response to “Iowa

  1. Ref to eagles being scarce in Iowa isn’t true. They are numerous along the rivers. They’re are getting pretty common.

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