Shimane, Japan

Shimane, Japan

Shimane, Japan

Let me apologize and explain to the rest of the world for what has seemed to be a pro-Asian bias in calling out badflags. South America has its wacky colors and crazy patterns. Europe is full of heraldic disasters, and North America suffers from a surfeit of new committee designed monstrosities. Africa comes out a little better than those, but still has some clunkers. Asia on the other hand is dullsville when it comes to flags. Not much is offensive, and nothing is great. China has one flag for 1.3 billion people. Just like time zones, the communist leaders think one is good enough for all Chinese people.

Inasmuch as most Asian flags are safe, I think I can still find a few to poke some fun at if I try hard enough. Shimane, Japan, for instance. I have to give it credit for parsimonious use of color. And a nice set of symbols in the middle, which apparently represent the character “ma.” “Shi” means four. So the flag accurately represents four of “ma”s. What I really think, though, is that it is secret code. The flag is trying to tell us that robotic rolls of Bic Wite Out tape square dance here.  Those Japanese will turn anything into a cutesy robot. You know it’s true, but they’re embarassed about getting pigeon holed, hence the subterfuge.

4 responses to “Shimane, Japan

  1. I really think you’re too hard on Japan. The prefecture flags, to my mind, are usually simple and always striking, and the tradition of “put your mon (crest) in the center of an otherwise blank flag) is ancient. After all, that’s what the Japanese national flag is–just a red circle on a white field. But it screams “Japan.” That’s their culture–minimalist as hell.

  2. When you say minimalist as hell, do you say it in a bad way???
    Gosh i can’t believe i came to this site.
    Bagging on other countries….

  3. I meant other places…. flags

  4. I happen to be a fan of minimalism, so I meant it as a compliment. And it suits Japan.

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