Aventura, Florida

Aventura, Florida

Aventura, Florida

Aventura, Florida may be the only city in the United States that is named after a shopping mall. Founded in just 1995 when a condo development sprung up near the mall in drained swampland, Aventura may also be the youngest city to brag about its founding date. Seriously, when Old Navy is older than you, there is no need to tout your city’s “history.”

The template of the flag is lifted from the flag of Israel (with a condo, sailboat and seagulls naturally replacing the Star of David.) Aventura is home to a large Jewish population, so maybe that’s no surprise. It’s also home to a large Romanian population, so I was kind of hoping for at least a throwaway Dracula reference, but no dice.

I think the most offensive part of this flag is the mixture of fonts. CAPS LOCK Times New Roman plus a really outdated script (in gold, no less) really strike me as much poorer planning than I would have expected from such a rigorously planned community. In light of the current economic crisis that is especially affecting Florida’s real estate market, maybe depicting a big condo building on your flag isn’t the wisest choice. That sailboat is probably repossessed by now. But from my research, there isn’t much else in Aventura that could be depicted on a flag. Thankfully, this problem was solved centuries ago by the Belgians, who upon finding nothing flag-worthy in Belgium, just threw together a generic tricolor.


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