Ulan Bator, Mongolia


I’m really conflicted as to whether this flag is really bad or really badass. A Garuda bird (in Buddhism, Garuda refers to a kind of anthropomorphic predatory bird that hasintelligence and social organization, as opposed to the Hindu Garuda, which refers to a specific deity.) Anyhow, this Garuda looks a little tubby. If he’s not careful, he might be developing a major case of adult onset diabetes with all that midsection flab. And the moobs can’t help his self esteem. Although I guess he is on a flag.


One response to “Ulan Bator, Mongolia

  1. I guess this the favourite flag of all those who, like my teenage daughter, love manga and anime (that is, Japanese comics and cartoons) The Garuda looks exactly like a character of ‘Dragon Ball Z’

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