Udmurtia, Russia

Udmurtia, Russia

Udmurtia, Russia

Udmurtia – it has to be made up, right? Nope. It’s real. Nestled in the forests just west of the Ural Mountains in south-central Russia, Udmurtia is home to about 1 million Udmurts. The Udmurts speak a Permic language, related to Finnish and Hungarian. Here’s a map.250px-udmurt031

Still looks fake, right? This could totally be a map of an imaginary island in the Arctic Sea. Nope. It’s the totally real land of Udmurtia. Still don’t believe it? Here’s a picture of a real live Udmurt lady. I think her name is Udmyrtle.


She looks like a nice lady. Having some sort of religious ecstasy, I’d guess. But nice. It’s certainly beautiful embroidery. Anyhow, I’m guessing Udmurtia is to Russia as Wyoming is to the United States.

On to the flag. It’s not that bad. A bit too long, if you ask me. And that eight pointed star thing – I’d nix it, but at least it’s not too frou-frou.


5 responses to “Udmurtia, Russia

  1. She looks like she just got her tax bill

  2. Give those Udmurts a maple leaf!

  3. Funny post, but I think the flag’s fine apart from the length.

  4. Oh please, it’s a widespread Finno-Ugric (or smth like that) peoples mythological symbol. (For example Finnish, Karelian, Estonian, also Latvian culture.)

  5. Why do you talk about something you doesn’t know?

    Udmurts choose their own flag, who are you to criticize it?

    The world doesn’t need your sarcasm.

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