Nicaragua (Historic – 1854-1857, 1873-1879)

Nicaragua (1854-1857)

Nicaragua (1854-1857, 1873-1879)

Bland city!  A horizontal tricolor – yellow, white and Band-Aid color. It’s a good thing Nicaragua got rid of this flag. But then the Nicaraguans took it back. And then finally got rid of it. In Nicaragua, getting rid of a badflag is like getting out of a bad relationship. Really, though, this flag’s popularity waxed and waned with the fortunes of the ultimately losing side in Nicaragua’s prolonged Civil War. Regardless of the politics of the parties, I’m grateful the side with more flair for flag design came out on top.

Hopefully this flag is gone forever. But with newly “re-elected” former Sandinista Daniel Ortega as dictator president, who know what wacky things are in store?


4 responses to “Nicaragua (Historic – 1854-1857, 1873-1879)

  1. Now this really is awful!

  2. Man, I just came across your site and I am laughing my ass off.. your sense of humor is the best
    A tip for you: we have many bad flags here in Brazil too, including cities.

    • Thanks, Eduardo! Spread the word! I’ve done a couple of Brazilian flags, but there are plenty more – you guys are unusually fond of flamboyant colors on your flags (not like those stodgy Asians)!

  3. Flag information comes from an ignorant person not able or willing to understand what is said in the original law! In several cases this law was even worse, with more incorrect words in its interpretations, as nacarado for this strange colour. It says the fllag is of a yellow, white and encanardo stripes. In heraldy encanardo is not flesh-color but red! Similar to the river Colorado which does not mean colourful but red. This really bad flag is an invention of people who cannot understand foreign language especially historic.

    But all in all your collection is remarkably good.

    Ralf Stelter – Archiv für internationale Flaggenkunde und Heraldik, Germany

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