Halloween Flags

Halloween Flags

Halloween Flags

This is a slight departure from the normal format of badflags. These are not the flags of political subdiviisons. And let me preface this by saying I LOVE Halloween. But these flags are a little pathetic. First of all, what is the aim of these flags? Halloween awareness? I think we all know when Halloween is.

When I’m talking about national, state or provincial flags, I usually think about how those flags symbolize the place. All these flags say about the house that flies them is that the occupant has at least a passing interest in Halloween. But a total lack of effort. If you’re serious about Halloween, you’re going to make your house awesomely scary. At least you’re going to put a spider on a string to scare the neighbor kids. These flags aren’t scary. They completely misunderstand the meaning of Halloween. And they wouldn’t be caught dead on the front porches of true Halloween fans. Totally wussy. Just look at that third one. No real ghost would wear a picture of a pumpkin on his shroud. Embarassing.

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