Vetka, Belarus

Vetka, Belarus

Vetka, Belarus

Uh…Something got lost in translation here. The advice we can all take away from this flag is that if you’re going to go with a single letter as your only vexilogical embellishment, you might want to pick one that translates into other languages that don’t use the Cyrillic. And that aren’t the one letter nickname of one of America’s least favorite presidents. Or the name of an Oliver Stone movie about said president. Or an emblem worn of the hat of the nemesis of a certain Italian-American plumber.

The flag of Vetka is wery, wery bad.


5 responses to “Vetka, Belarus

  1. I never had thought thas this was the flag of a town. I looks like the advertising banner of a fast-food company. On the other hand, if I’m not wrong, ‘W’ doesn’t exist in Cyrillic alphabet, so I can’t understand the reason of its presence in a Belarusian flag.

  2. W stands for “Wha…?”

  3. if they wanted the Cyrillic translation, “V” would equal “B”. “W” would equal “Ў”, which is the sound “UA”

  4. 1.the real flag of Vetka:
    2.This flag is based on the coat of arms which is based on the coat of arms of ancient polish family of Kholetskie under which rule the city gone in 1784.
    3.Here you can see and compare them,”W” is shaped by 2 chevrons (special heraldic sign – looks like V) and see that “W” doesn`t applies to city`s name directly.We had union with Poland,Polish was widely using.Vietka in Polish spells like Wietka

    I believe that the main message of the message 😉 will be understood.

  5. And learn the history before blaming the flag,please.)

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