Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Yes, this flag is bad. But before we delve into its fuglitude, I have to acknowledge that it’s the best subnational flag in the whole of Bolivia. Here’s a brief look at the competition.

Pando, Bolivia - blah.

Pando, Bolivia - blah.

La Paz, Bolivia - a test for red-green colorblindness.

La Paz, Bolivia - a test for red-green colorblindness.

Beni, Bolivia - You're going to steal your design from Libya? At least it's actually green there.

Beni, Bolivia - You're going to steal your flag from Libya? At least its actually green there.

 While I have to give Chuquisaca some credit for originality, and it is completely apparent that Bolivian vexillologist are completely lacking in creativity, this just isn’s a good flag. It looks like someone designed it to look like a baseball. Without ever seeing a baseball firsthand. Maybe Evo Morales heard from Fidel Casrto about this sport of baseball and described the white orb in fleeting detail.

Failing its resemblance to a baseball, it just seems like a bit of a wreck. The initial idea of barbed wire (that’s what it is, right?) instead of straight lines is a nice departure from the norm. But when those two lines intersected in the middle, it kind of jumbles together into an assymmetrical and unappealing knot. Maybe no one will notice…oh – we noticed.


4 responses to “Chuquisaca, Bolivia

  1. Hi! First of all, i like so much this page. Congratulations!

    The flag of Chuquisaca is like a historical Spanish flag, the Cross of Burgundy flag. Today, the Cross of Burgundy is still a symbol of the Spanish monarchy and it may be seen on Spanish Air Force planes.


  2. Original idea = not bad
    Actual result of raguly saltire = messy

  3. okay I know this is a late reply to this post, but the good ol’ State of Georgia has this flag on display on their Riverwalk (down in Augusta) as Spain’s flag. Which clearly we know it is not… which has me wondering what made them think Bolivia was anywhere near Spain?

    • @Fish: It was, I believe, the flag of Spain back in the 18th century or so, it was probably commemorating that.

      That or a hairy red Spanish railroad sign …

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