Korbin, Belarus

Korbin, Belarus

Korbin, Belarus

While I’m on an Eastern European religious flag kick, here’s one that’s best described in dialogue form. I’m going out on a limb and say that it’s Mary and Jesus in the bottom right. The woman up top is more difficult to identify. Definitely a saint. Ann? Elizabeth? If anyone know the iconography here, please pipe up. I’m just going to refer to her as Jill.

Jill: “Hail, Mary.”

Mary: “Oh, hi Jill.”

Jill: “How’ve you been?”

Mary: “Well, it’s been a pretty crazy year, really – didn’t you read that Christmas letter I sent?”

Jill: “Oh… No, I was in Boca for the winter.”

Mary: “Oh. Well, you know about this whole virgin birth thing, right? I don’t have to go into that again, do I?”

Jill: “Yeah, no. I’ve heard about that.”

Mary: “Um, Jill. What are you doing up there?”

Jill: “You know. Hanging out, displaying things slightly out of frame. Well, gotta go.”

Mary (to Jesus): “What is wrong with that woman?”

Jesus: “I don’t know, mom, but my head is TINY! I’m going to grow into it, right?”

Mary: “Of course, dear.”



3 responses to “Korbin, Belarus

  1. Well I think your missing it entirely obviously the female figure is god,

  2. ROFL

    ‘What shall we have for the flag?’
    ‘Er…a saintly woman.’
    ‘Good idea! I know – we should have a canton too! What shall we put on it?’
    ‘Er…a saintly woman.’

  3. I think this is the best so far!

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