Penza Oblast, Russia

Penza Oblast, Russia

Penza Oblast, Russia

Penza Oblast is a fairly obscure Russian province located in the Volga valley. A superficial search returns limited bits of obscure information: it is located in the same time zone in Moscow and there are two national and two regional cell phone carriers from which to choose. So much to communism! Yay, capitalism for the win! It was also the setting for a doomsday cult whose leader attempted suicide earlier this year. Not good small talk material here.

Now to this flag. It’s obvious that Penzanian really like Jesus. And they’re probably Orthodox, hence the idol. In my research, this is the only flag to bear a picture of Jesus. If Penza were to go to war, it would be hard to argue that God’s not on their side. I mean, check out their flag. I wonder if they pay a licensing fee to Bethlehem.

It’s an interesting choice for a flag. It would never happen in the West. I bet there is at least one or two Buddhists or Muslims that might be offended by Jesus staring at them from atop the local Kremlin. It’s also an interesting choice to have just Jesus’ head up there. Maybe it’s John the Baptist? Someone with at least a family resemblance to Jesus. Whoever he is, he could use a haircut, or at least run a comb through his hair. And maybe a little manscaping around the eyebrows. Just a suggestion, oh Holy Son of God.


3 responses to “Penza Oblast, Russia

  1. Whoever he is, he’s eyeing that green margin thing suspiciously.

  2. Are you sure that it’s not Rasputin?

  3. That’s not the flag of Penza, the flag is way better, albeit the three bundles of…grain.

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