Otepaa, Estonia

Otepaa, Estonia

Otepaa, Estonia

Rawr! If there’s anything the peoples of the world know about Estonia, it’s not to mess with this nation of vicious Finno-Ugrian speakers. Well, everybody except the Russians knows that. And the Germans. Anyhow…

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This flag, though, doesn’t say a lot about the affirmed bellicosity of the Estonian race of manimals. The colors of this flag are reminiscent of a professional sports franchise based in PIttsburgh. Beyond that, the bear seems to be smiling. And upon further inspection, the bear bears a Mona Lisa-like mysterious expression that could be construed as introspection or perhaps sublime delight. Odd.


3 responses to “Otepaa, Estonia

  1. If the town’s named ‘Bear’s Head’, you won’t get prizes for guessing what goes on the flag.

    Though they shouldn’t have turned the actual design part over to a preschooler.

  2. The Bear is smiling because its had Estonia for lunch more than once.

  3. What’s wrong with this flag?

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