Good Flag: Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia

What can I say? I just really like this flag. It’s simple (just two colors,) and has just one nice, clear, strong symbol. It’s much better than this nation’s official name: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I’m just going to call it Macedonia, though – and the Greeks are going to have to live with that.


7 responses to “Good Flag: Macedonia

  1. Of course it’s better than the name, because that sily name has been imposed on us by our faschizoid neighbour to the south – Greece. For us though, it’s just Macedonia.

  2. thnx man! we are macedonians…not some formers :))))

  3. I agree 100%, Macedonia’s flag stands out above the rest of Europe. 😀

  4. God damned greasy Greeks, who the hell do they think they are? We want to call ourselves Macedonians and so we will. Its not as if we picked a name like Micrososft or maybe McDonald’s or even Nokia. Then it would be understandable if a lot of people got pissed off and we would have a whole lot of trouble. We just picked a nice handsome name, no copyright infridgment no hassles, has a lot going for it, like a lot of history and fame and best of all NO ONE IS GOING TO NOTICE OR BE BOTHERED. (Except these stupid greeks)

  5. The flag would’ve turned out better on a blue background with a Vergina Sun, though. This one’s a near-dead ringer for the WW2 Rising Sun!! Besides, RED IS FOR COMMIES!!!

  6. There is clearly a sort of flag-schema at work here, the sun-rays thing. Here, the Fyrom fits in with Arizona, Imperial Japan, and, I believe, the Soviet Air Force.
    With all of these, I reiterate that I like the graphic, but, especially in the case of Arizona and fascist Japan, I dislike the statist content.
    And anyway, isn’t Fyrom a nice name for a country?

  7. Vardaska Macedonia, Greek Macedonia, Bulgarian Macedonia.

    In Italy, I had a “Macedonia”, which was a fruit salad, named such because Macedonia has always been a region of people from many different races and cultures.

    If Alexander the Great wasn’t Greek, then why did he spread Greek Culture?

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