Assyrian Flag

Assyrian Flag Pre-WWI Assyrian Flag

Sometimes I think bad flags may be more than just ugly. They can be downright counterproductive. The Assyrian nationalist movement created this flag to represent the Assyrian diaspora and hope for a new nation to which all Assyrians could return. But if I were a diplomat and an Assyrian delegation came to me seeking recognition for nationhood, I’d be reaching for my big red “rejected” stamp as soon as I saw this flag.

First of all, the four squiggly bands of color are supposed to represent  the Tigris and Euphrates and something called the Zawa. They look more like an American front porch decked out in bunting for the 4th of July. The star at the center has a solar disc in its center. I’d pick one celestial object and stick with it. More subtly, the two shades of blue are distracting. Finally, we have to address the fella floating above everything. This is Ashur, the major god of the Assyrians. He’s floating up there in a sphere made of feathers, shooting arrows as he pleases. I’d edit him out. He’s just superfluous, as ancient Assyrian religion is no longer practiced, and most Assyrians are Christians of some sort. It’s not like the Assyrians had a strong tradition of vexillography and just made one mistake. Their previous flag was just as bad. It’s a classic tricolor, but it’s tarted up with some hot pink and stars!!!

Assyrian Flag - Pre WWI

Assyrian Flag - Pre WWI

And in case you wanted to learn even more about the Assyrian flag and hear a lovely patriotic Assyrian song, YouTube is always willing to oblige. The dazzling special effects are an added bonus.


11 responses to “Assyria

  1. Man, you are funny. This is like a 3 year old critiquing the Mona Lisa. I actually think we have one of the better flags around.

  2. You have no respect for the first civilization on earth whose people were the first to become civilized in all aspects of life. This flag is the reflection of that Civilization, the great nation of Assyria. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking smack to this flag, yet alone any flag you talk negatively about. Your critiques for this flag are childish opinions without a strong foundation. Next time you try to critique a flag, think of ways to improve a flag, instead of slandering it. As we Assyrians like to say “Khool Ekhreh”

  3. @ Peter: Ugly is as ugly does.

  4. You will be WAAAARRRRPED in submission!

    I can’t believe they replaced the pre-WWI flag with this, although I don’t like the pink.

    Actually the modern one might not be so bad if it didn’t have the bit at the top throwing the design out of balance.

    @Peter: They might be a ‘great civilisation’ but that doesn’t mean they’re great at everything including flag design.

  5. Look at this guy, criticizing a beautiful flag which represents a beautiful and ancient people!, The Assyrian flag is very attractive and does catch the attention of the eye, the colours are brilliant and the symbolic representation is excellent, Ashur is needed, although we don’t worshup him anymore the word ‘Assyrians’ is the english form of the Akkadian “Ashuraye” which means people of Ashur, so therefore its appropriate to have a reminder of who we are on our flag.

    We were the first civilization in the world, the most advance at that time and age, we don’t need the approval of novice foreigners for our flag haha

  6. Im Assyrian! So listen you cannot talk about us like that!, Wat are you? If you new Assyrians you would be educated! So this just shows you are not educated!! You dont even know what Zowa is! You even spelt it wrong! I cant believe someone would write this and by the way these “stuff” your saying represents our flag, ur WRONG! To bad you dont know what it mean! Again if you were educated all of this that you wrote wouldnt be ALL WRONG! So next time dont curtisis our flag when you clearly dont know what it is or means! Go Learn! ASSYRIAN FOR LIFE!!

  7. Yokhana bar Kalba

    To the jackass who posted before me: “Zawa” isn’t misspelled, it’s not the political party “Zowaa” but the Zab (Zawa) River. May-be u iz da 1 who iz needingses sum edumication.

    Anyway, I too like our flag and think it’s better than most. At least better than some “classic” (i.e., uninspiring and generic) tricolor. Come on, how hard is it to pick three random colors and randomly arrange them? Oh but wait, you have the option of arranging the lines horizontally or vertically! Wow, what genius! Certainly all flags should follow this paradigm of designing excellence, no?

    The floating Ashur thing is sort of optional. I agree with the two shades of blue being slightly distracting, and someone hammering a rusty nail into your eyeball would probably feel better than looking at the pre-WWI flag.

    You might want to check out the Chaldean flag, which is an offshoot (i.e., ripoff) of the Assyrian flag. It’s like an Israeli and an Aztec were tasked with redesigning the Assyrian flag and came up with the Chaldean flag. Even worse is the flag for the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Council, which merges the two flags together. God damn, that thing is an all-out assault on the senses…

    • LOL @Yokhana bar Kalba

      You are a seriously funny dude, AND I happen to agree with everything you said.

      Also the “Ashur” symbol doesnt always get used, I know it DOESNT get used when the flag gets used in Church. and it does look better without it.

      Also take out the Orange / Yellow circle from the star, and also change the star from the lighter blue to the same blue as the stripes and you have a really beautiful flag.
      Being a designer my self, I would say the Assyrian flag is definitely one of the better flags, a simple blue, red and white colour scheme without “Ashur” makes for a much more striking flag.


      P.S. Theres no such thing as bad press, its all there to get attention. Better bad attention than no attention.

  8. there is no Zawa and tigris and Euprates in this u idiot it represents the sun god shamash, and the year which is divided into 3 months for each season.
    I’d be reaching for my big red “rejected” stamp and stamp it on your bad brain idiot.
    when Ashur used to throw
    don’t explain something u don’t understand and don’t know.
    looks like one of your ancestors was a jewish slave in Nineveh that’s whay your comment is full of hate on Ashur 😉
    may be king Jehu?
    check his picture hoe he bows in fornt of Ashur 😉
    by the way if you are not and idiot you would notice that the worshiping of Ashur continued in Judaism and christianity and later is Islam; since we though jews of worshiping one god u See Tarah father of Abraha was apagan in UR but when he knew that there is one god who was worshiped in Ashur he stood against his father’s religion.
    Exodus 4:13:
    VAy omer elohim el Musheh “ehieh Asher Ehieh”.
    get educated and read more before you place rubbish comments full of hate

  9. I definitely agree with the ‘Khool Ekhreh’ part, like Peter said.
    Assyria is the cradle of civilization. Mathematics, astronomy, astrology, medicine, technology.. all thanks to the Assyrians. So who are you? Your idea of a good flag is an icecream cone. Seriously, you couldn’t think of a better hobby than criticizing flags?

  10. Haters gotta hate.

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