Paraguay - Obverse
Paraguay – Obverse

OK, there really aren’t a whole lot of problems with this one. Well, there is the seal in the middle. And if you removed the seal (which Paraguay should seriously consider) you’d have the Netherlands’ flag. So not that original.

Paraguay - Reverse
Paraguay – Reverse

But wait: the reverse of Paraguay’s flag has a different and worse design than the obverse! These guys just don’t know when to stop. The reverse displays the seal of the Treasury of Paraguay. Interesting – given that I don’t think anyone outside of Paraguay could pick the seal of the Treasury of Paraguay from a lineup of the seals of the treasuries of South American nations.

The treasury seal bears a golden lion and a standard with a Phrygian cap atop it. I’ve got one major issue and a couple of quibbles with this side of the flag. The biggie: Is that a lion kebab? A full torso pierce kind of takes the symbolic power out of the lion. Second, why not pick a jaguar (which is native to Paraguay) and a native hat? 

One response to “Paraguay

  1. It is a shame that you put down the flag of Paraguay without actually researchinig its history and meaning. My Paraguayan daughters are very proud of this flag. If you would research the meaning, as well as the national anthem, perhaps you could find the meaning. It is a shame that so many people find self esteem by putting down symbols they do not understand.

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