Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Central African Republic

 Central African Republic is perhaps the most generically named nation on the face of the earth. When you think about all the creatively named nations in Africa, it makes you wonder why the Central African Republicans (?) are so dull. Zambia, Togo, Burundi, Uganda, Madagascar, Malawi – all awesome names. Central African Republic even started off with a great (if suggestive) name (Ubangi-Shari) but forsook it for something more prosaic. I suppose there is some value to the name – the average person could probably point somewhere near the accurate location of Central African Republic on a map. The location of Gabon isn’t nearly as obvious by its name. 

In an effort to make up for the dullness in name, the Central African Republicans thought they would go a little nuts on their flag. Not content for a tricolor, they settled on four bands of color. But, if four is good – five has to be better, right? So goes the logic in Central African Republic. But a fifth band of color was just a little too much – it got to look like a rainbow. So they decided to think outside of the box (but within the rectangle) and turn that fifth band on its end. The result is reminiscent of Tetris. Or Connect Four. A star is added for extra oomph.


4 responses to “Central African Republic

  1. These colours are all basic, and the Central-African-Republic-ians were genius to separate the dark colours with bright colours. The red stripe is sort of much, I must agree with you. The star is totally not-unique. LOL!

  2. In theory the design should be quite effective but it looks horribly like a child’s college made with strips of gummy paper chain paper (where the colours aren’t quite the ones you want).

  3. OMG>>>I am from this country and I can tell you that we are proud of our flag and our country’s name. you are not from there so you don’t know the reasons why. I love my country and I wish you’ll stop this nonsense. How’d you feel if I did that to your country.

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