Mont-Laureir, Quebec

Another lame flag from Canada. I actually like Canada, and can see its mapley goodness from my hotel room in Detroit right now. Canandians, I have to admit I’ve cracked a few jokes at your expense today. When viewing the pinned map that represents hometowns of visitors to the MoTown studios, there were conspicuosly few Canadian pins depite your proximity. I had to attribute that to your modesty. You didn’t want to bother the museum staff to find and place a new pin just for you. And just so you know, either would I. My hometown wasn’t pinned either, but I actually blushed at the thought of asking someone to pin it for me.

Alright, Canadians – now that we have some rapport, I feel like I can poke a little more fun at one of your flags. Well, it’s a Quebecois flag, so I’m not even sure many of the English speaking Canadians would take any umbrage at all, but better safe than sorry (which is the Canadian national motto, I’ve heard.)

But first is first: the “Mont” in Mont-Laurier refers to a peak that is 244 meters above sea level. Seems more like a “colline” to me.

This flag is absolute tripe. It’s the laziest effort at a flag I’ve seen from either Canadians or Canadiens. So lazy, that the artist didn’t even bother picking up his or her calligraphy pen between the M (for Mont, presumably) and L (for Laureir, ostensibly.) A black mark on a white flag has the potential to make a bold statement, but this flag reeks of lack of effort. Back to the drawing board!


One response to “Mont-Laureir, Quebec

  1. From the looks of this flag, I’d guess that Mont-Laureir was a cheap motel for apartment hunters.

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