Southland, New Zealand

By now, I’m sure you know how I feel about flags with word on them; especially when the words are a slogan. This flag has a whole buttload of word on it. According to this flag, Southland is the place in New Zealand with the spirit of the nation. That must be true, because most of the Kiwis I’ve met have been soulless drones. (Disclaimer: They haven’t been from Southlands. Disclaimer #2: I’ve never met a kiwi, except for the flightless bird in a zoo.)

I think the silhouette is performing New Zealand’s national sport – which contrary to popular belief isn’t bungee jumping or even zorbing. It’s rhythmic gymnastics. If I had a say in the design of the flag, I’d make the figure a little less “prancy.” And is that fireworks or tufts or grass in the background?

3 responses to “Southland, New Zealand

  1. AAAAAAAAA! The giant green snake is going to turn me into a New Zealander!

  2. That’s bad. It looks more like the logo from a New Zealand tourist website.

  3. Mohammed Sahil

    its not a flag ………………..???????????

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