Matruh, Egypt

Another bad animal flag. I guess way out in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, there’s not a whole lot of wildlife to choose from. But I’m not quite sure what this beast is supposed to be. It’s in profile, so my first guess is unicorn, which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. But my best guess is gazelle, which is kinda cool. But I thought gazelles had more of a tail than that. So my last guess is goat. Goats are pretty cool, but I’m not sure if they’re flag-worthy. I do think the eye spot is a big mistake. I think it would have been totally apparent that the sillhouette was an animal without the blobby eye being drawn on with a Sharpie or something. The gold trapezoid on the right side doesn’t add enough interest to warrant its presence.


4 responses to “Matruh, Egypt

  1. it’s like it’s running away from some sort of brick wall.

  2. ‘I’m free!’ cried the wide-eyed unicorn-gazelley-goat thing as it leapt out from the golden door.

  3. I dont think its that bad really

  4. @Shutterspy:
    “Now you’re thinking with portals”

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