Kyrgyzstan – the nation that hates vowels. The Kyrgyz people also apparently hate visual appeal. Located between the breathtaking Tien Shan mountians and the Fergama Valley, famous for its apricots, Kyrgyzstan is a rugged nation of 5.3 million formerly dominated by the Soviet Union and only recently throwing off the shackles of autocratic leader Askar Akayev. Though Kyrgyzstan recently underwent the “Tulip Revolution” under Kurmanbek Bakiyev but political instability is rampant.

The circle on the flag is supposed to represent a Kyrgyz yurt. The gold sun-shaped thing represents either the 40 Kyrgyz tribes or the 40 warriors of the mythical Kyrgyz hero Manas. Red is the national color. The duo or triple lines crossing the yurt are supposed to be support beams for said yurt. In all, a nice try at representing cultural keys, but there’s one big problem.

This flag leads me to believe the Kyrgyz people worship a giant flaming tennis ball in the sky. It would be a more appropriate flag for Andre Aggassi or Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.


3 responses to “Kyrgyzstan

  1. Then, sadly, one ends up using the central tennis ball as an air force insignia. Oh, well. Camouflage and radar have made such insigniae vestigial.

  2. Not half as bad as some of the others.

  3. it looks more like a golden volleyball

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