Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Flag of Tierra del Fuego
How cool would it be to have a state called Land of Fire? That’s just how bad-ass Argentina is. Other locations in the state also have awesome names, like Ushuaia, the Straits of Magellan and Cape Horn. In precolonial times, the islands of Tierra del Fuego were home to the Fuegian people, thought to be more closely related to Australian aboriginies than Amerindians. Today, this land of glaciers and mountains is home to the southernmost settlements in the world.

By all accounts, Tierra del Fuego is a beautiful and interesting place. Why then, did they chose this flag? First of all, the Southern Cross is entirely too predictable. You don’t see nearly as many places in the Northern Hemisphere finding the obsessive need to prove it with constellations on their flags. Maybe that’s just the insecurity that comes form living on the underside of the world. Secondly, the colors found naturally in Tierra del Fuego do not include tangerine. Next, sea gulls are the most ubiquitous avian on the face of the earth. They can even be found in parking lots in Des Moines. If it were my flag to design, I’d feature some more distinctive fauna, like the guanaco or penguin. Finally, the flag looks like it was drawn by a seven-year-old connecting the dots. In all, not an egregious effort, but definitely a bad flag.


4 responses to “Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

  1. Although I agree that the bird could use some ASPCA, it actually does represent the albatross, which is native fauna. The blue and white are the colours of Argentina, and do you know how hard penguins are to put on flags? Let’s just say it’s hard. LOL

    Tierra del Fuego’s flag is one of the best flags in the world. See its VexiWiki page for more details. http://flags.wikia.com/wiki/Tierra_del_Fuego%2C_Argentina

  2. It’s an albatross in more ways that one…

  3. i thinkits supposed to be a bird flying

  4. Agree with Vexillographer.Unusual and beautiful flag.

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