Santa Fe, Argentina

Roughly translated, this flag reads “Invincible Province of Santa Fe.” I really hope they’re good with a spear and two arrows, because if that’s their munitions stockpile, they could be wiped out by one guy with a gun. Not so invincible. Alhtough in the ’60s and ’70s, Argentina did flirt with a veiled nuclear weapons program. A little bit of acting out at a time when the U.S. and Soivet Union were fighting proxy wars the world over, except for the Southern Cone. But then they thought it through: we’re Argentina, right? Who is our enemy? Brazil? Paraguay? Then the Argentines realized their efforts were best spent on drinking yerba mate, getting suntans and plastic surgery and wrapped it up.


One response to “Santa Fe, Argentina

  1. Who the fuck are you, dude?

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