Lubbock, Texas

Just like they like it in Texas: big and tacky. And pretty boastful too. (Legendary? I haven’t even heard a tall tale about Lubbock.) Music crossroads of Texas? I thought Austin was already the live music capital of the world – way to dream big, Lubbock. I suppose that means that all the musicians pass through Lubbock on their way to Austin or other places in Texas. That, or they’re just warning musicians that there is a strong chance they could get T-Boned there at that intersection. Slogans aside, this flag is really terrible. It looks like it was designed by one of the Designing Women – not any of the ones with taste, though – one of the ones who wore shoulder pads. Lots of colors going on, and lots of gradients. If there’s one thing that doesn’t work in a flag, it’s a gradient. I’m glad the designer learned how to use gradients in Adobe FrameMaker, but that didn’t need to make it into a flag.


4 responses to “Lubbock, Texas

  1. This isn’t Lubbock’s flag; unfortunately, it is their idiotic logo.

  2. Ceci n’est pas une drapeau!

  3. I’m from Austin, and just saying, you’re totally wrong about Texas being big and tacky. The rest of this stupid country needs to learn that all the stereotypes about Texas are totally wrong for most of Texas. Believe it or not WE DONT RIDE HORSES TO SCHOOL, MOST OF US DON’T HAVE ACCENTS, AND MOST OF TEXAS IS FILLED WITH ROADS, NOT PLAINS OF CATTLE!!! We don’t stereotypicalize your stupid state, stop doing it to us. You all tell people to not be racist or prejudice, and yet you yourselves go back on that and start thinking everyone in Texas is slow and walks around in cowboy boots. All of my fellow Texans have this issue all the time and we’re sick of it. Get your facts straight, and spread the word.
    P.S. Lubbock is such a nice little town they have so many cute shops and everything there is so relaxing. Don’t suppose that Lubbock is “idiotic” Vexillographer, just cuz you’re jealous you don’t live in Texas.

  4. I’m perfectly fine with letting Texas be it’s own country again. Please make sure you take Ron Paul in the separation.

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