Tiznit, Morocco

Tiznit, Morocco
Wow, there is a lot of shiznit going on in Tiznit. Sorry – I had to do it. The rising sun was a good start. It looks great on Macedonia. Tiznit, you should have stopped there. The righthand side is a total mess. Those black areas are actually negative spaces. So the edge of this flag has fringe. I guess that’s an authentic Moroccan treatment, but I think it’s more than a bit tacky. Next, there’s an irregular eight-pointed star. I guess six points has been done (Israel…) and five points is too Wicca. So a really awkward eight-pointer will do. Kinda reminiscent of a previous badflag. Blam! Now, tie together three curved knives, and you’ve really laid out the welcome mat. Stab!


One response to “Tiznit, Morocco

  1. Good Article
    Tiznit south of Morocco

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