Chubut, Argentina

Chubut Province, Argentina
How could you go wrong with wheat, a hydroelectric dam, a zig zag, a wavy line, a sun, a gear and a golden line (apparently representing the multiple rivers of the province?) I really don’t know why gears are the universal symbol of industry, at least on flags. To me, a gear represents an antiquated form of industry. The kind that uses pulleys and donkey carts and still has clocks you have to wind all the time. I’d go for a microchip. The dam is kinda political. Like on the one hand, hydroelectric power is renewable and clean, but it really f-s with ecosystems and then you have to create conveyor belts for salmon and whatnot. If the residents of Chubut are in the market for a flag change, (which I hope they are) I beg them to consider a change in the name of their province. Those skinny bitches in Corrientes Province make fun of all the poor Chub-butts down in Chubut.


One response to “Chubut, Argentina

  1. Considering the Welsh connections (Y Wladfa colony and all), maybe a Welsh dragon in pale argentinian blue would be a possible…?

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