Really interesting flag, Brunei. To start out, the downward slope, I probably would have avoided. That’s just not subliminally optimistic. I’m fine with the stripes, but couldn’t they at least have made the white and black ones equal in size? Racists. Now the emblem in the middle is where I start to have some trouble, Brunei. At first glance, it looks like a faceless head with giant elfin ears. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be some sort of Seussical creation. Two hands encircling a crescent holding a pedestal topped by a what appears to be a moustache topped by a bottlecap topped by a smaller flag.


2 responses to “Brunei

  1. The stripes are of equal thickness.

  2. As a bruneian, we were taught about the flag about as early as 1st grade so it’s common knowledge to know what each features of the flag means.
    First of, the black and white stripes are the Pengiran Pemancha & the Pengiran Bendahara. Second, the emblem is the Royal Bruneian coat of arms, in which the features of the coat of arms also has a meaning:
    Hand: Prayers
    Wings: Islam, Ihsan, Iman (Islam, Courtesy, Faith in English)
    Scroll: The name of Brunei Darussalam
    Crescent: Always in service with Allah’s guidance in Arabic
    “Bottle cap”: The Royal Umbrella
    And lastly, I’m typing this two days after His Majesty’s Birthday, which is the 15th of July.

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