Sometimes, no matter how long you’ve used something, someone else comes along and ruins it for everyone. It’s like a when a person you don’t like starts to use one of your favorite fonts in all her emails. You just can’t make yourself use it ever again. Jainism apparently doesn’t feel that way. They stick to their guns. I suppose they don’t have guns, because one of the religion’s tennet is to never kill anything. Even insects. So that probably includes Jews. I’m just saying.


2 responses to “Jainism

  1. I say good for the Jainists (or whatever they’re called)! Why should they let a stupid two-bit dictator from halfway around the world rule them from the grave?

  2. The Swatistika or, “Broken Cross”, as it is known to most of the world, was a symbol of many religions hundreds of years before the Nazi Regime and WWII.

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