Baddest Flag of the Month: February

As we wind down the month of February, it’s time to reflect on the awful flags we’ve seen this month. Leap day is tomorrow, and I never understood the reason for it being in February: it’s maybe the worst month. Put that extra day in June. Those people in the Southern Hemisphere get an extra day of summer, I guess. And what’s with that first R about? No one even pronounces that. Anyhow, take a look back through the annals of badflags and submit (comment below) your choice  for the worst flag of  February. The winner (loser) will be tagged as the inaugural Baddest Flag of the Month.  And as always, you can send images of flags you believe to be worth excoriating to  


One response to “Baddest Flag of the Month: February

  1. I vote Pahang, Malaysia.

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