Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar

Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar
I feel like I’ve been beating up on South American flags a lot. That’s because there are a lot of bad flags to be found there. But at least they’re willing to take risks. The same can not be said about Asian flags. In general, the Asians play it safe in vexillology. But this gem from Myanmar is the perfect combination of tackiness, bad colors and uninspired symbology to qualify as a Bad Flag. Ayeyarwady Division is located at the mouth of the Irrawady river on the Andaman Sea. To represent the abundance of water, this flag displays wavy blue and white stripes. A little bit disorienting. The kicker is the geographical representation of the province. If you know the lay of the land, you can see that it’s a delta region with lots of alluvial islands. But if you don’t, it kind of looks like a pear rotting from the inside and crumbling apart. The orange color is a particulary bad choice. The only redeeming quality is more accidental than anything else. I love Burmese script. It’s very bubbly. I can’t read it, but I’ll bet is says “Ayeyarwady Division.”


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