Zulia, Venezuela

One of the new requirements Hugo Chavez has of Venezuelan states is that they find a way to honor him in their flags. Since Zulia is last alphabetically, they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas. They chose to represent Hugo Chavez’ favorite Halloween costume: Relámpago Bolivariano, o en Inglés, Bolivarian Lightning. Every Halloween, Chavez squeezes into his ever tighter Spandex unitard, which is blue on top and black (very slimming) below. He makes his transit across the solar disc in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet, and throws cardboard lightning bolts out into the countryside. It is said that those who come to possess an intact bolt will receive thre barrels of high-sulfur oil.

3 responses to “Zulia, Venezuela

  1. this one looks like a eco-friendly super-fast super hero logo

  2. Raul Jesus Orta Pardo

    With all respect, permít us to inform you that this commentary demonstrates a remarkable lack of information. The Flag of Zulia state does not have any relation with Hugo Chavez. Created by a native of the state represents landmarks of its regional identity: the blue is the Lake of Maracaibo, the black is the oil which is extracted from its subsoil, the sun represents th warm of the Zulian People and the lightning is the so called “of the Catatumbo”: singular meteorological phenomenon of the locality. Although this site is dedicated to stand out “ugly flags” would be convenient to inquire well before emitting commentaries then in more than an occasion the symbolism predominates and even it justifies the lack of aesthetic in a flag. In addition, seems inelegant to assign means to a flag meant which it don’t have and to use another one for ridicule anotjer things that, as in this case, have not any relation with the subject. Consequently, we suggested to have good careful to investigate previously at the time of weighing a flag and whole whatever implies. Thank you very much. Raul Jesus Orta Pardo, Venezuelan Symbollogist.

  3. We have this thing in the US called humor. Maybe Hugo Chavez banned that when he tried to switch your time zone.

    Thanks for the info on the actual meaning of the flag, though.

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