St. Thomas, Ontario

St. Thomas, Ontario
I’m probably going to get some guff for this one, because Canadians seem to be oddly defensive about their flags. Supplying construcitve criticism about their beloved maple leaf gets about as far as suggesting limits on gun show sales in Texas. Anyway, the flag of St. Thomas, Ontario, is a bad one and it deserves some analysis. First of all, the lime green shade is…different. And not really in a good way. In fact what appears to be a wagon wheel may in fact be a slice of lime. Three highly stylized maple leaves look more like fig leaves to me, so you have to wonder what’s the Canadian government is covering up in St. Thomas. And I’m not sure, but I think that’s a primitive switchblade in the upper righthand corner. Either a switchblade or two boards nailed together shoddily.


13 responses to “St. Thomas, Ontario

  1. yeah, no kidding. it looks like… something you’d use for “technical drawing” like a square or something? (meaning t-square but i can’t think of the name of the l shaped one)

  2. I agree – and I live in St. Thomas.

  3. Tiffany Krahn

    I agree! Impressively ugly! There should be an award for the ugliest flag – we would surely win!

  4. Heres your guff,

    You must be an American.
    Always ready to point and laugh at things you don’t understand.
    The Swtich blade” you see is actually an hourable badge that one would recieve. Do a lttle more history about items before you slack jaw yank all over it. A slice of lime?? Why don’t you come to St. Thomas and comment in person, I’m sure you’ll get some attention.


  5. Amazing analysis provide above! You guys are all geniuses, and why do so many Canadians seem smugly resentful of all those stupid gun toting americans? (us, that is) I actually like canadians. They are nice mostly.

    wow, one whole google search away and…

    The basic colour of the Flag is light green symbolizing the growth and vitality of the City.

    The Carpenter’s Square in the upper right hand corner is a symbol of St. Thomas the Apostle, the Patron Saint of Builders. This also symbolized the progressiveness of the city.

    The two diagonal lines enclose three maple leaves which symbolize the loyalty of the Citizens of St. Thomas to Canada, the Queen and respect for the authority of government at the three levels; municipal, provincial and federal.

    A seven spoked wheel is emblazoned within the lower left hand corner. This symbolizes a wheel of progress. It’s seven spokes represent the seven townships of Elgin County; Aldborough, Bayham, Dunwich, Malahide, South Dorchester, Southwold and Yarmouth. The whole of the wheel symbolizes the County of Elgin, with the City of St. Thomas, the County Seat, at the hub. The wheel is also symbolic of St. Thomas as an historically significant rail centre and developing industrial centre with emphasis on the automotive and transportation industries.

  6. Actually, it’s a try-square. (And the symbol of a saint, appearently.) Overall, it’s a lesson in good intentions going wrong.

  7. @ Chris Jefferson
    your a dumbass
    come look at the flag
    it looks just as stupid in person
    as it does here

  8. ‘Canadians seem to be oddly defensive about their flags’

    The ridiculous humourless comments above confirm that.

    Whatever the meanings behind the symbols, they still could have been presented better than they are. The flag is terrible, especially as yellow barely stands out on yellowy-green.

  9. This is ugly. But those are fleur-de-lis. not maple leaves. I’m not from St. Thomas, though.

  10. They look like fleur-de-lis fromm the small image. my bad.

  11. Canadian here, except for the Maple Leaf and the Territories’ flags, almost all the flags are crap.

    Especially that one.

    The design needs a better shade of green, and more balance of the symbols.

  12. you know i am a canadian st thomas tho i would never admit to living in st thomas… but i have a confession… yes the government is hiding sumthing here… havn quite figured out what tho it could be our crappy police force, all the drug attics or maybe even the fact that they let all the crazies that should be locked up in our huge yet empty psyche hospital who knows… i m only commenting for the simple fact that like usual an american is way overstating the obvious and thinkin they look good about it like plllease yea ok the person who made the flag wasn all that creative but at least they knew what they were doing! and you know i guess they made it so that simple minded people could get it….. written proof^^^ boy were they wrong!

    • You say you’re Canadian, but I would be real American non-pink-and-purple dollars that you went to school in the States.

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