Camerico – Hypothetical

This is Pat Robertson’s worst nightmare. Well, maybe his worst nightmare involves more Muslims and gays and college educated women. Camerico is the name fear mongers give to a hypothetical union of Canada, America and Mexico: the supposed result of NAFTA. It would obviously be a bad deal, because look: the flag is really, really ugly. Combining the salient elements of all three flags, might seem like a nice way to go. But when you have an eagle sitting on a cactus eating a snake on a maple leaf in front of a blue field with 50 stars, that’s a whole lot of fug going on. Juxtapose that with a candy cane-like series of 13 stripes and you have a vexillological train wreck. A too obvious ploy against free trade and a terrible bad flag.


5 responses to “Camerico – Hypothetical

  1. camerico makes me laugh.

  2. What if you split the northen states of america and and combine it to make Canrica, that would have a nice flag, taking away the stars and putting a maple leaf. 🙂

    Then what about combining the rest of the southern states and making Americo. That would have an ugly flag, but would make a nice country, as long as Canrica and Americo are parliament :).

  3. “as long as Canrica and Americo are parliament”
    Uhhh? wot dat mean….?

  4. It looks like 4.5 Bulgarian flags with some messed-up blue American-Mexican-Canadian thing in the canton. Seriously, if that union ever happened, (highly unlikely) they would probably make up some new flag that would be really awesome.

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