United Nations High Commission for Refugees

The UN High Commission for Refugees is a venerable organization. But let’s break down their flag and see what they may be inferring that they may not want to infer. First: Isn’t it odd that the figure, presumably a refugee, has only one large leg where two would normally be? I think a solid majority of, though surely not all, refugees have at least two legs of normal girth. Second, who’s giant blue hands are those? While they are currently protecting the pogo-legged refugee, it’s easy to see they could crush him or her at any time. Kinda ominous. The victory wreath, if I’m identifying that correctly: what’s that about? Anyway, if I were a refugee who didn’t know any different, and my war ravaged country was so horrific that I needed to seek assylum, I probably would avoid a blue helmeted person flying this flag. Also, I guess the UN budget is too tight to spring for any more than that one color.


3 responses to “United Nations High Commission for Refugees

  1. It’s ‘imply’ not ‘infer’ ….

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