Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang, Malaysia
This one is just a small step above Libya in terms of effort. “Damn, Malaysia just became independent and I guess they made us a state or something. We’re going to need a freakin’ flag. Let’s not waste too much time on this – I say one color tops. What? People don’t like single-color flags? Fine. Let’s see. White – is that a color? Wait, is white or black the one that’s all the colors put together, because I always get that confused. Anyhow, I’m sure you all know that we don’t have any color printers here yet. So let’s just agree: white on top and black on the bottom. That way we can just fax this over to those tools in Kuala Lumpur and be done with it.”


3 responses to “Pahang, Malaysia

  1. i wish this flag was black white black.
    it would look better on a website then too
    why didn’t they think of that?????

  2. Seriously. Not thinking about Web 2.0 when they did that one.

  3. i kinda like simple map,i makes you feel relax and calm rather.Secondly,simple map is much easier to draw on paper ^_^

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