Oromia, Ethiopia

Oromia, Ethiopia
Few people know that this flag is the only flag to feature a stalk of broccoli. Well, some rare variants of the flag of Brussels, Belgium feature Brussels sprouts, but that’s not the same as broccoli, though they are botanically related.


2 responses to “Oromia, Ethiopia

  1. Haha it is not Brocoli; it was supposed to be a sycamore tree called Odaa in Oromo language which represents a democratic system called Gadaa the Oromos have been practicing for a prety long time.

  2. It clearly looks like broccoli to me… but to my knowledge me being a Borana; As an Ethiopian I’m pretty sure broccoli is not part of our staple foods. You pride yourself with the Gadaa system which governs the Borana People not the Oromo.

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