al-Minufiya, Egypt

al-Minufiya, Egypt
I was pretty sure this was the flag that we were going to use after the apolcalypse. But it looks like al-Minufiya (located in Egypt’s central Nile Valley) has broken into that vault and started to fly the flag. Gears are a common emblem on Egyptian flags. Second only to ancient Egyptian symbols (but I couldn’t find a mummy flag.) Also depicted on this flag are a smokestack (or obelisk/pillar?) three bird (perhaps seagulls, but most likely doves,) and a golden olive wreath. The gear seems to be on fire. My best guess is that this flag represents a particular moment in al-Minufiya history: the day of the industrial accident at the gear factory, which burned all the olive branches and smokestacks in town. Three birds were the only survivors, and apparently designed the flag themselves by pecking in Arabic Morse code.


5 responses to “al-Minufiya, Egypt

  1. the fire and the tower are the old mud brick making ovens .
    it’s a golden wheat branch not olive .. wheat is golden you know ..
    the gears .. well it does have some factories 😀

  2. Well, even still – it’s easily misinterpreted. You’re right on the wheat, though. That’s definitely wheat.

  3. Menofia Citizen

    Hey there, funny one. I’ll tell you the story,not, Wikipedia tells it better
    so the obelisk/pillar is a tower used to breed doves something like this
    hog is for industrial area in Al-Minufiya .
    still funny?

  4. All listen up Don’t laugh at this flag Cous you don’t know what it means to us
    I’ll tell you the story of this Flag
    ” it was a sunny day in the afternoon there were English soldiers they tried to shoot birds that belongs to Egyptian farmers just to have fun then the Egyptian Farmers came out and they killed a women that was called “5adrah” And the others inter twist with the British solirds and on of them ran away and the sun hit him and he fainted Egyptian farmer saw him dien’ so he brought water then the british soldier die and after that The English Gneral made a Court for the farmers and thay were strangled on the front of teir houses and this is just a summry thabk you by ahmed abd el halim

  5. That’s a better story that mine.

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