Friesland, Netherlands

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s the too-precious flag of Friesland, Netherlands. I can’t tell if these are hearts, grubs or kidney beans. Maybe zygotes? With a name like Friesland, you’d think narrow, yellow vertical elements might prominent. P.S., this was also the flag of the My Little Pony kingdom, where lollipops grew on trees and fillies let you brush their hair in magical forests. The only difference is that Friesland’s flag doesn’t smell like strawberries.


24 responses to “Friesland, Netherlands

  1. Hey A%&Munch, I’d like to see you day that to a Friese dude’s face! Do you know how big these people are. If there’s one flag you don’t want to tread on, it’s the Friesland Flag. You can’t say you haven’t been warned. hahaha. And don’t you dare pick on the Qatari flag!
    BTW, you’re American right? And they’re lilypads, not hearts, nor kidney beans. Who does your research?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Why would lilypads be red? Also, I didn’t know Frisians were so fierce – I’ll keep that in mind.

  3. I am a frisian girl and proud of it! Don’t you dare mock my flag it’s beautiful.
    Thank you A.R de Boer

  4. I guess the moral of this story is that Frisians can’t take a bit of constructive criticism. I would tell you to be careful of global warming and seal level rises, but I’d probably just get scolded by tall, angry Frisians.

  5. They are, as mentioned previously, lilypads.

    I know they look like butts. My dad thinks they’re butts. My mom gets really angry when he says that and yells at him in Dutch. The moral is, the Dutch are really, really angry people, and Frisians moreso. 🙂

    Also, you aren’t Frisian until your name has an “ij” in it.

  6. my grandfather comes from Friesland and he died happy knowing that he comes from Friesland and I come to learn about his backround and you dis his flag!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mother is an aup (aup=ape)

  7. @girlscoutlady: badflags is probably not the best place to do research about your grandfather’s hertiage. These last few posts have completely reversed my thoughts about Dutch bellicosity.

  8. it’s pronounced “Frees”, not “Fries”!

    and we’re not angry as such, just very proud!

    Fryslân Boppe!

  9. DANK JE Geof! for clearing up how to pronounce the motherlands name.

    Yes we Friese/Dutch are big, I myself am a 6′ 18 yr old girl and my dad and brother r both 6’8″. I do get pissed easily when someone is rude to my family, home country or myself.

    We Friese also usually travel in packs so where theres one there is usually 2 (large) older brothers and many cousins right behind.

    We party with our own, go to church with our own, date and marry our own ( I know it sounds racist and terrible but it is looked down upon if you date anyone who is not dutch especially Portuguese! they are usually fese ppl at least the ones I know) we stick with our own. Not because we are anti-social but because we are proud to be big and Friese and love to share that feeling with those around us.

    Dont spreken slecht over de Nederlandse, zullen wij bijten terug.

  10. fuck you motherfucker come visit friesland one day and ik beat u up

  11. Disclosure first: I am not Fries; I’m not even Caucasian. However, I had a friend back in Hawaii who is Fries. The Fries on this site are saying, “fear us because we’re big.” That is only the obvious reason. The real reason why one should not insult the Fries is because they have not forgotten their Viking roots. They are not Dutch, they are Norse. I am not sure about this, but I think very few Fries are pacifists.

    We English speakers owe the Fries at least a modicum of respect. A disproportionately large percentage of Fries got to be part of modern English.

  12. this is the most amazing thing ever! im really into my family history and i stumbled upon this and i think its the most fantastic flag i have ever seen! i cant wait to go there! its like a dream of mine to visit all the places my family comes from

  13. Jacoba (Haisma, Hoekstra, Douma decendent)

    You want to call Bloody waterlily leaves “Fruity” ?
    Consider the bloody leaves as a symbolic, heraldic way saying “Don’t tread on me”
    -similar in manner to the 1775 Gadsen flag depicting a coiled rattlesnake with thirteen rattles. ( The Gadsden flag was considered one of the first flags of the United States. It was later replaced by the current Stars and Stripes. )
    However, in true Fries fashion, no words are needed to get the message across that nationalism is strong and Friesland would fight to the death, that the blood would run & so much so as to color the leaves of the lillypads red. Preferably the blood of their enemies.

    The seven lily leaves represent the seven old Frisian “zeelanden”, as they existed from around the 8th till the 14th century. image of the coat of arms from an elaborate description given by the first official historian of Friesland, Suffridius Petrus (1527-1597). Suffridius states that a coat of arms was given to the legendary king Friso. It had a blue background and three slanting silver bars. On these silver bars lie seven red waterlily-leaves. The number seven is said to symbolize the “Seven Frisian Sea-lands” that make up Friesland. Suffridius says that examples of arms can be found in old heraldic books and on church windows.

    In 1957 the flag with the “pompebledden” (waterlily-leaves) was officially declared to be the Flag of the province Fryslân.
    (Just recently Mr. J. Nicolay, after doing research on gold hoards, has concluded that the aristocracy of Friesland in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th century came from Scandinavia.)

    Fryslân Boppe!


    • So Friesland is basically the Texas of the Netherlands. Point taken. Will avoid.

      • Jacoba (Haisma, Hoekstra, Douma decendent)

        Texans are known for their hospitality,
        -it’s when someone takes invasive or hostile action that nationalism kicks in…
        Don’t miss out on something wonderful due to short-sight pigeon-holing.
        Consider the Welsh, who also are well-known for their independent and fiercely nationalistic spirit

  14. Ian Doede Former

    Hmm, perhaps the rich and long history of my people frightens you?

    We can date historically to 400bc and via archeology 600bc.

    Noted by the Romans in 12AD as a fierce and proud clan. Feared by many for thousands of years. The First culture in Europe to embrace private land ownership and freedom. Envied by many Medieval cultures as a Clan where all are born into nobility.

    Perhaps the root of Anglo English the first recorded democracy in Europe. The blood lilies represents the blood of your forefathers whom we stomped when you tried to invade our little land. We are the longest lasting Clan in written history that has maintained a sovereign culture. 2610 years how bout you?

    • You Frieslanders are nutso! It doesn’t matter to me how old your culture is – your flag is still fruity.

  15. Hmmm… I wish I had seen this site before I got married. It would have at least given me a little more to consider. I married a girl of Fries decent. Around here it is even an idiomatic phrase “they are Fries” — which means for a stubborn group of Dutchmen, they are even more stubborn… or difficult. Yes I understand that vikings probably mixed up there. Beautiful, tall, stubborn, …. and lovely. (That part is for my wife if she reads this! Yes dear, I don’t know where all of that stereotypical rhetoric comes from. It certainly doesn’t fit you!)
    To my 7 year old. It is just a pretty flag with funny looking hearts.

  16. I agree with all the Friezen. Its a very nice flag and they are very proud of their flag, and rightly so.
    PS, if you knew your history you would know that the Friezen were here before the Dutch…

  17. How ignorant

  18. I love how people get so riled up over obvious humor

  19. I would say that this is an interesting flag. I think the little “things” on the flag look like tulips. I find it enjoyable to find out the Friesland actually has a flag. I am a Haaksma from Texas.

  20. A Frisan from Michigan here—son of Dijkstras and Luirtsmas—who stumbled on this blog while shopping for a flag. We may be nuts, but it’s in an endearing sort of way.

    And a fan of My Little Pony, ironically enough. (The real MLP flag is not a vexillogically good design, actually. Fryslân has them beat hooves-down.)

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