Auvergne, France

Auvergne, France
OK. This one has a lot of problems. Let just get this out of the way – the emblem in the center appears to be an abstract representation of the male genitalia. That happens to be coincidental. But this is even worse: the shape actually represents a gonfalon – which was a medieval French flag. It’s a flag of a flag. That’s like wearing a shirt with a picture of yourself on it. Except there’s actually no coat of arms (which would be traditional) on the emblem. So I guess it’s more like wearing a shirt with your sillhouette on it.  Nothing is being represented here except for the shape of a currently disused flag. That’s a French Paradox worth discussing.

2 responses to “Auvergne, France

  1. worth discussing indeed, it requires you give more explanations if you can because it’s obviously strange. especially when you know auvergne is controled 110% by ancient rites and powerful secret societies. the place gave birth to no less that huge corporation Michelin, 2 formers republic of france presidents (pompidou – ex rothchild’ bank officer before he was call on-board, then Giscard d’Estaing – president of auvergen , france and Convention on the Future of the European Union) and last but not least by its “mission” the last international massonic messsiah Rael. oups did i mentionned vichy? the temporary capital during ww2…

  2. je vois pas où tu as pus voir l’appareil génital masculin dans le drapeau Auvergnat.. et merci à DD tu es quelqu’un de bien cultivé 😉

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