Limousin, France

Limousin, France
France is a very ancient country with a fine history of flag design and heraldry. This one, from the Limousin region of south-central France takes that strong tradition in vexillography and, I think, improves the heck out of it! That L is classic! Great font, and makes it totally clear to any person who sees this flag flying above the city hall in Limoges or Brive-la-Gaillarde that they are in Limousin, the land of awesome flags. Look closer… that pixellated leaf… that’s apparently on purpose. It represents the concept of nature as the future. Nothing like making an esoteric thought the focal point of your flag. And in case you had this pixellated leaf confused with the pixellated oak leaf that the neighboring department of Poitou-Charentes, there’s a handy “L” on top in a loverly font.


One response to “Limousin, France

  1. Um, this is no longer Limousin’s flag.

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